Access to Timeshares for People with Disabilities

time share accessibility

Vacations should be a time to relax and enjoy life. And they can be!  Since 2010, timeshares by law must worry about virtually everything hotels have to worry about with respect to ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) requirements.

Timeshare resorts are required to have a minimum number of wheelchair accessible rooms with roll-in showers based on a percentage of the total number of rooms at the establishment. In a resort with 200 units, for example, six accessible rooms, two with roll-in showers, must be available.

But here is the problem, however. The 2010 standards contain exceptions for existing facilities that comply with the 1991 standards. They do not need to meet the 2010 standards “until such time as renovations or alterations are made.”

The exemption means that the smaller, non-resort timeshares (smaller condos managed by property management companies as opposed to resort companies) are often not what is currently considered compliant. To be fair, the owners may believe it’s wheelchair accessible because they have ramps, a parking spot, and wide hallways. These smaller, non-resort timeshares often fall through the cracks.

Resolving Issues

What should you do when you encounter a barrier to accessibility in a timeshare?

Speak with whomever you booked with. Explain that the space provided will not work for you and politely request their help in finding a space that will. In most cases they will work to accommodate you.  If no, let us know! At Access Advocates we are dedicated to seeking the enforcement of all provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act. If you have a question or issues about timeshare accessibility or another building or facility, contact us.