ADA Requirements for Hotel Rooms and Baths


In a recent blog, we posted a second short quiz on ADA accessibility compliance rules that smooth the way from the hotel lobby to the room. Let’s proceed now to the hotel room and check you knowledge on room and bath requirements.

1. Hotel room entry and connecting doors and interior doors (except doors to small closets) must be how wide?

a. 32 inches

b. 36 inches

c. 40 inches

d. 42 inches

__ __ __ __

Answer: a. This is to allow clear passage width so persons who use wheelchairs, crutches and other mobility aids can visit or stay in other rooms. The same width requirement applies to bathroom doors.

2.  What is the number of accessible guestrooms and rooms with roll-in showers required of a 75-room hotel?

a. 2 accessible/none with roll-in showers

b. 3 accessible/1 with roll-in shower

c. 4 accessible/1 with roll-in shower

d. 5 accessible/2 with roll-in showers

__ __ __ __

Answer: b. Also, large hotels with between 501 and 1,000 rooms must provide at least 2 percent of their total rooms as accessible, along with 4 with roll-in showers (add one roll-in shower for each additional 100 rooms over 400).

3. What is the number of rooms to accommodate hearing impaired guests required of a 75-room hotel?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

__ __ __ __

Answer: b. Also, the 2% rule for large hotels with 501-1,000 rooms applies for hearing impaired guest rooms.

4. True or false? The required number of accessible guestrooms does not have to be distributed among the various types of rooms. Hotels fully meet the ADA requirements when providing the minimum number of accessible rooms.

__ __ __ __

Answer: False. The numbers have to be distributed among the types of suites available in the hotel. This also applies to smoking and nonsmoking accessible guestrooms so that persons with disabilities have the same options as all other customers.

5.  What are the minimum measurements of roll-in showers for accessible hotel rooms?

a. 30″ wide by 60″ long

b. 36″ wide by 60″ long

c. 38” wide by 62” long

d. Either a. or b.

__ __ __ __

Answer: d. These measurements permit persons who use wheelchairs to transfer to the shower sheet or use a shower wheelchair while showering.

See the the ADA Checklist for New Lodging Facilities. This checklist has all the  detailed standards for hotel rooms and bath facilities.

Looking for help or need an advocate in making sure you have complete access to hotels and public facilities? Contact us; we are the leader in handling ADA accessibility compliance complaints.

Image courtesy of Flickr, BitHead