ADA compliance for hotel access goes beyond the entrance


In our previous blog on ADA compliance requirements for hotel access, we posted a short quiz on the ADA’s comprehensive checklist designed to help people with disabilities get from the parking lot to the hotel front entrance. Let’s continue and check your knowledge on what public lodging places have to do to help their customers with disabilities get to their rooms.

For this short quiz, we’ll include the answers immediately after each question, so peeking is definitely allowed for this one:

1. Hotel interior routes must be free from any steps or abrupt level changes over what height?

a. 2 inches

b. 1 inch

c. one-charter inch

d. any level that would be a problem


Answer: c. The one-quarter-inch limit is to remove a barrier for persons who use wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aides.

2. What internal areas of the lodging must comply with the level-change restriction mentioned in question 1 above?

a. the lobby and all accessible guestrooms, suites and sleeping areas.

b. all dining and vending machine areas

c. all restrooms

d. all of the above


Answer: d. Not only all of the above, but also gift shops, newsstands, exercise/recreational areas, swimming pools, business areas and laundry rooms as well as employee work areas.

3. What is the minimum clearance width for doors for lodging accessible spaces?

a. 45 inches

b. 32 inches

c. 28 inches

d. 30 inches


Answer: b. Doors at shallow closets are exempt from the 32” requirement.

4. Protruding objects (fire extinguishers, lights, meters, pay phones, etc.) in hallways and other pedestrian routes must not project into the walker’s path more than what maximum distance?

a. 4 inches

b. 6 inches

c. 12 inches

d. 15 inches


Answer: a. This restriction applies to protruding objects mounted between 27 and 80 inches high.

5. A full-size passenger elevator serving each level of the hotel must be installed in facilities that have more than how many stories:

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four


Answer: b. Applies to any facility has more than two stories, including any basement level.

There are more ADA compliance standards that apply to hotel accommodations. Stay tuned for future blogs on this important subject. In the meantime, contact us if you need more information or need an advocate to assist you with any accessibility issue.

Image courtesy of Flickr, WELS net