ADA Compliance for Lecture Halls


Lecture halls are a place where all individuals are invited to partake in instruction or discussion regarding specific subjects of interest. Our ADA expert reminds you to remain vigilant for ADA compliance when attending an event at a lecture hall. These areas are required to accommodate visitors under the same regulation put forth by the ADA for movie theaters, play houses, concert halls, stadiums, and other areas of exhibition or entertainment.

Effective communication is key for visitors attending lecture hall meetings. Under ADA regulations, lecture halls are required to offer auxiliary aids and services when necessary to ensure effective communication for all in attendance. Auxiliary aids include but are not limited to the following:

  • Interpreters or note takers who are qualified to interpret using accurate and effective means of communicating
  • Computer aid transcription services
  • Listening devices
  • Closed caption displays
  • TDDs or telecommunication devices for deaf persons

If listening devices are made available, they must be equal to 4% of the total number of seats within the lecture hall. These listening devices must be a fixed appliance and be readily accessible to any individuals who would like to participate in the event.

In addition, those who are disabled and must use a wheelchair to enter and exit the facility must also be accommodated. Seating arrangements must be made so that disabled persons can comfortably move about the lecture hall. If barriers are in place in certain areas of the lecture hall, they must be made so that they can easily be removed to improve maneuverability and access for people with disabilities.

Donations to the facility to maintain disability access initiatives are welcome; however, people with disabilities must not be required to pay any additional fees or surcharges to maintain or access the lecture hall.

For more information on ADA compliance and how you can help areas of your community become more compliant, please contact us right away!