As You Attend Conferences and Trade Shows: Convention Centers


People with disabilities are an integral part of society. As you attend conferences, trade shows and conventions, please remember, convention centers are REQUIRED to be accessible. Not sure what types of accessibility barriers you should be aware of? Here’s our list of 10 things to look for as you visit conference facilities:

  1. All elements reach ranges 15 inches minimum and 48 inches maximum?
  1. Is there accessible signage?
  1. Is there accessible route to all areas?
  1. Is there accessible seating within the center’s four quartiles?
  1. Are there assistive listening systems?
  1. Are there ccessible message boards?
  1. Is there an accessible route through exhibit spaces?
  1. Are there accessible food service areas?
  1. Are the counters accessible?
  1. Are there accessible teller machines and vending machines?

What do you do if you find one of these accessibility barriers while visiting a convention center? Contact us and provide us with a photo (if possible) of the violation and a receipt (or other documentation) of your visit to the convention center. We’ll take it from there, at no cost to you! For more information on Access Advocates, visit the ‘How It Works‘ page on our website to hear our founder Hank Falstad explain our mission and process.

With your help as an advocate, we can improve accessibility for all and get buildings ADA compliant, one building at a time. Contact us today!