As You Bank: Are Your Bank’s Services Wheelchair Accessible?


Banks are an integral part of our daily lives. Are your bank’s services accessible? As you visit your local bank, keep in mind the following questions.

1.  Is there an accessible loading zone with an accessible sign?

2.  Is the handicapped parking close to the front doors?

3.  Does the accessible route from the handicapped access aisle to the front door go behind any parked cars? 

4.  Is there an accessible route from the front door to the public street?

5.  Is the teller window accessible?

* Height 36 inches maximum

* Width 30 inches minimum

* Knee and toe clearance, 17 inches minimum under teller counter

* Teller speaks through window, between 40-50 inches above finished floor.

6.  Is the teller lobby utility table accessible, 34 inches maximum above finished floor?

7.  Do the bank employees’ desks and office areas have turnaround areas? 

8.  Do the bank employees’ desks have knee and toe clearances under the desk?

9.  Can interior doors with closures be operated with less than 5 pounds of pressure?

10. Is there accessible signage?

What do you do if you find one of these accessibility barriers while visiting a bank? Contact us and provide us with a photo (if possible) of the violation and a receipt (or other documentation) of your visit to the bank. We’ll take it from there, at no cost to you!

For more information on Access Advocates, visit the ‘How It Works‘ page on our website to hear our founder Hank Falstad explain our mission and process.

With your help as an advocate, we can improve accessibility for all and get buildings ADA compliant, one building at a time. Contact us today!