As You Meet: Government, City, and State Buildings

government building access

All government buildings are required to be accessible. The following are 10 types of government buildings where you should be on watch:

  1. Public school buildings? 
  2. College buildings?
  3. University buildings?
  4. Trade school buildings?
  5. Library buildings? 
  6. City buildings?
  7. State buildings?
  8. Prison buildings?
  9. Judicial buildings?
  10. Federal buildings?

What do you do if you find one of these accessibility barriers while visiting a government building? Contact us and provide us with a photo (if possible) of the violation and a receipt (or other documentation) of your visit to the building. We’ll take it from there, at no cost to you!

For more information on Access Advocates, visit the ‘How It Works‘ page on our website to hear our founder Hank Falstad explain our mission and process.

With your help as an advocate, we can improve accessibility for all and get buildings ADA compliant, one building at a time. Contact us today!

Click here to see more ADA facts.

Photo credit: some of rebecca’s photos/flickr