What You Should Know About Accessibility Compliance & Older Buildings


The Americans With Disabilities Act requires businesses to provide reasonable access to people with disabilities. There are design provisions and rules that are readily available to all builders and designers. Older buildings also have to be in compliance with the ADA, but there are a few exceptions granted to them.

ADA Compliance: Accessible Swimming Pools and Spas

accessible swimming pools

Swimming is a wonderful activity for building health, reducing stress and having fun. Imagine you look forward to enjoying the pool on your vacation and even picked a particular hotel because of its water amenities. Now, pretend you are there but cannot use the pool because there is no accessible entry for the wheelchair you use. Heartbreak ensues.

Access Advocates: Your ADA Building Experts

ada building experts

Are you a person with disabilities? Are you familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act? Do you know your rights as an American citizen when it comes to having equal access to buildings as all other American citizens? If all this sounds overwhelming or foreign to you, we have good news. Here at Access Advocates, we are your ADA experts.