Bill Introduced To Improve Accessibility At Movie Theaters


Going to the movies is an enjoyable experience. They are a way to help relieve tension from work, school, or even family. Because people enjoy going to theaters, accessibility compliance for those with hearing and visual impairments is being sought.

Those with hearing and visual impairments enjoy going to the movies like any other. It is unfortunate that these individuals are unable to hear or to see the story unfold. Because of this problem, a new bill has been introduced in Congress that would require movie theaters to do more to accommodate these individuals.

This bill requires:

  • Theaters showing the same movie on two or more screens will be required to provide closed captioning and audio descriptions to be available.
  • Will be made as an amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • It is not known if these accommodations will be made for every showing or just specific times.

Read the full text of the legislation and show your support for these efforts here.

These accommodations are designed to allow those with hearing and visual impairments to enjoy a worry-free visit to the movies. Instead of being locked-in to only attending events that have been fit to their needs, individuals with hearing and visual impairments will have the choice to attend events that other members of the public regularly enjoy.

Movie theaters should not be weary to adopt such a measure. Implementation of such requirements will not impede on the standard viewer experience. Adopting these measures would help grow the movie theater industry by including every movie enthusiast.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has made a large amount of progress since its signing in 1991. These improvements are not done, and more are being sought. Improving the movie-going experience is one that many have not considered for the hearing and visually impaired. Providing these services is a great way to appreciate these individuals, and it also can benefit the theaters by finding new, dependable movie goers.

If you know of public building or structure that fails to meet these requirements, please contact us so we can help you.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Caliper Studio