Airport Terminals (page 2)

Air Carrier Compliance Regulations

Airports must follow the regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Compliance includes the the following:

  • Easily accessible relief areas designated for those departing, arriving, or connecting on flights accompanied by a trained service animal
  • Airport must ensure accessible inter-terminal transportation, including but not limited to, moving sidewalks, shuttle vehicles and other people movers
  • Facilities must have air transportation access for people with disabilities between gates and aircraft, at loading bridges, and passenger lounges
  • Media must include high contrast captioning communication, flight information, entertainment, and safety briefings with current and accurate information for those with visual or hearing impairments
  • Carriers must ensure passengers with disabilities can readily use all terminal facilities, both owned and leased, including those provided by foreign carriers
  • Kiosks throughout the airport must be made accessible to those travelers using wheelchairs

As you travel: Airport Terminals

The wheelchair and the airplane need to be accessible, so look for: Is there an accessible loading zone with signage? Is there accessible parking with signage? Are there accessible message boards? Are the ticket counters accessible? Are there boarding counters accessible? Is there accessible seating in the boarding area? Are there assistive listening systems in boarding areas? Are there accessible toilets?  Is there an accessible boarding ramp with a running slope of 8.3% maximum?  Is there...
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