College Bound? Know Your Wheelchair Access Rights

college wheelchair access

With the advent of the Americans with Disabilities Act, wheelchair access is mandated in all education buildings including colleges and universities. Due to the age of many of these campuses, updates are being made very slowly and many of them are not considered fully accessible.

For the college or university you attend to be considered fully wheelchair accessible, access must be available in all the following areas.

  • Class Rooms – Wheel chair access is required to all building areas that are used for classes or programs that students attend.
  • Restrooms and Drinking Fountains – All restrooms should be equipped with a wheel chair accessible stall and there should be at least one wheel chair accessible drinking fountain in the area.
  • All Parking Areas – Parking areas should be equipped with wheel chair accessible spots and ramps where necessary.
  • Building Entrances and Exits – You should be able to easily enter and exit buildings and have accessible exits clearly marked.
  • Elevators – Elevators should be available for multi-story buildings where a ramp is not an option.
  • Computer Areas – Computer labs and areas are required to have stations to allow access for wheel chairs.
  • All Paths of Travel – You should be able to travel uninhibited throughout each building via all hallways or corridors.
  • All Dorm and Common Areas – There should be wheel chair access throughout the dormitory including your room, hallways, common living areas, and all dining locations.
  • Transportation – All buses and on campus transportation should allow for wheel chair access and appropriate seating.

It is important to remember that these are your rights as a student.  If you encounter a problem with wheel chair accessibility at your college or university, Access Advocates is here to help.  Contact us to find out more information about your rights and how we can help.