College Football Stadiums and ADA Accessibility

football stadium wheelchair access

College football season is underway. No matter what team you are rooting for, ADA accessibility to the stadium on game day is your right. When purchasing tickets, keep these factors in mind.

Getting In

At a stadium with ADA accessibility, at least 50% of a stadiums entrances are accessible. Those that are not have signage directing the public to accessible entrances. Passenger drop-off areas with curbs have curb ramps.

Accessible Seating

Stadiums with more than 300 seats must provide wheelchair seating in more than one location. This “dispersed” seating offers a choice of admission prices and views. In areas where spectators stand, wheelchair seating must provide a line of sight over standing spectators.

Bring a Friend

Stadiums that are ADA compliant provide a companion seat in all areas, including sky boxes.

Don’t Forget the Popcorn and Souvenir T-Shirt

Concession and souvenir stands are accessible for everyone. Condiment and cash register counters need accessibility for someone in a wheelchair.

Visual & Audio ADA Compliance

Listening devices are available and signage stating such posted. Visual signage for places such as restrooms include Braille. Visual and audible alarms for fire should include flashing lights during emergencies.

Older Stadiums

College football traditions go way back from many teams. One example is the University of Michigan, home to the largest venue in college football. With a stadium over 80 years-old, the university faced litigation in 2007 by fans frustrated with accessibility challenges. The university removed 2,000 seats in order to widen aisles and to install handrails. Fans applauded the changes and the stadium remains the largest college football venue despite the removal of seats.


If you have football fever and are facing challenges accessing a stadium on game day, contact us. Whether it’s an older stadium or a new one, we’ll be happy to make sure you and your school spirit get accessibility to the game.

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