Don’t Get Mad, Get Access

wheelchair access

The important thing to know about the phrase “People with disabilities” is that “People” comes first. “Disability” is not the focus of who that person is. Just as with people without disabilities. But for some businesses and public buildings, there still seems to be some obstacles in the way for some people. Accessibility needs to be key when it comes to considering exactly what the infrastructure is doing in terms of social justice. When the very architecture of a place promotes exclusion of people, simply based on their ability to enter or leave an establishment, it serves as an obstacle for the enjoyment of all.

Maybe it isn’t the individual offices or businesses within that building that are encouraging this sort of exclusion. Nor is it the employees themselves that wish to limit access to people with disabilities. However, without the laws in place guaranteeing the rights of everyone to access, one person’s access might be easily dismissed, or even considered a nuisance.  What it really boils down to is expense. Corners are cut, the rights of others are ignored, all for the purpose of saving some money. Or worse yet, an architectural ego trip that excludes certain people because of the “aesthetic” of the building. But at whose expense? The builder? The business owner? Or you?

There are laws protecting your right to enjoy accessibility and safety just as much as the next person. These laws have unfortunately been a long time in the making, and efforts are still being made to promote access for everyone. Especially in light of buildings that are not yet up to code.  So rather than face these obstacles on your own, contact us to overcome them and help keep the law on your side.  Because People come first and foremost.