How It Works

How to Create a More ADA Compliant Community

Take a quick tour of the Access Advocates process; learn step-by-step what it takes to help create a more ADA compliant community for yourself and others.


1. What is Access Advocates?

Access Advocates specializes in ADA compliance and was founded with the purpose of bringing professional services to people with disabilities.

2. The Process: the Audit

The initial steps for making a building ADA compliant include:

  1. An person with a disability effectively becomes an advocate by speaking up and making a complaint to Access Advocates.
  2. A building audit is conducted by Access Advocates.
  3. The building audit is shared with the building owner and/or architect.
  4. Access Advocates recommends solutions for achieving ADA compliance.

3. The Process: The Plancheck

The next steps for making a building ADA compliant are as follows:

  1. Access Advocates conducts a plan check of the architect’s plans for updating the building.
  2. Access Advocates approves the plans for updating the building.
  3. The plans are sent to a contractor specializing in ADA retrofit construction.

4. The Process: The Retrofit

The remaining steps for making a building ADA compliant:

  1. Recommended changes to the building are costed.
  2. The cost information is provided to a federal judge.
  3. The judge orders the building owner to begin retrofit construction.
  4. Access Advocates audits the retrofit building to ensure ADA compliance.

5. Become An Advocate

People with disabilities need to advocate for themselves.  Access Advocates provides knowledge of ADA law to help people with disabilities.

6. Sending  A Complaint

A person with a disability can contact Access Advocates with information about a building they are unable to access at

7. Experts in ADA Compliance

Access Advocates provides expertise in and knowledge of the details and laws around ADA compliance.

8. How Long Does It Take to become ADA Compliant?

Within 90 days of a complaint, Access Advocates provides information to a federal judge to initiate a retrofit program.

9. What Does It Cost to Speak Up?

Access Advocates’ services are FREE to people with disabilities.

10. Our Mission Is To Help

Access Advocates’ website provides a list of resources for people with disabilities.

11. Not Alone Anymore

People with disabilities can use Access Advocates to bring buildings into ADA compliance.