How Wheelchair Access Allows You To Shop With Ease

shopping center ada requirements

As we move towards fall, we also move closer to the holidays. Whether you want to go shopping for a Halloween costume, or already start your Christmas shopping, it’s important to have wheelchair access wherever you go. But what happens if you find that this access doesn’t exist or it’s unsafe?

ADA Compliance

If you are in a wheelchair, or you know someone who is, you have the same rights as everyone else. This means that you should be able to go where you want, and be able to enter and exit in a safe manner. So if you want to go shopping and find that there is no wheelchair access, what do you do next? You contact ADA experts.

You should always know that if you don’t have wheelchair access, you don’t have to remain silent. The law requires shopping centers to have this type of access, simply because you have the right to go shopping. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act was created with the exact purpose of making sure that your rights are being addressed.

Don’t Do It Alone

When you find that an establishment lacks wheelchair access, it’s important to hold them accountable. By contacting ADA experts, your voice will be heard and the business will be made to fix the problem. You shouldn’t have to dread or fear your ability to go shopping. You have the same rights as anyone else, and your needs should be met.

If you’ve experienced the stress and anxiety of not being able to safely enter a shopping center due to a lack of wheelchair access, contact us right away. You deserve the same opportunities as everyone else, regardless of your abilities.