Taking a Trip? Access Advocates Reminds You to Check Airports for ADA Compliance


As with all public buildings, airports must follow the regulations outlined in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

The ADA was put in place in 1990 to make buildings and other public places more accessible for those with disabilities. At Access Advocates, we encourage you to be vigilant when in public places to help establishments better adhere to current ADA regulations.

Air Carrier Compliance Regulations

  • There must be easily accessible relief areas designated for those departing, arriving, or connecting on flights accompanied by a trained service animal.
  • The airport must ensure they have disabled accessible inter-terminal transportation which can include moving sidewalks, shuttle vehicles, and other people movers.
  • Facilities are obligated to have air transportation access for disabled individuals between gates and aircraft, at loading bridges, and passenger lounges.
  • High contrast captioning with up to date, accurate information must be provided for those with visual or hearing impairments. These devices must include flight information, entertainment, and safety briefings.
  • All carriers must ensure passengers with disabilities can readily use all terminal facilities, both owned and leased, including those provided by foreign carriers.
  • Kiosks throughout the airport must be made accessible to those using wheelchairs.

Traveling can be a fun and relaxing adventure. It is important those with disabilities are accommodated so they can enjoy all that is available to passengers traveling in U.S. airports. As always, Access Advocates is here when you need us, let your voice be heard and help airports and other facilities become ADA compliant.

For more information on ADA regulations for airports and other public facilities, please contact the experts at Access Advocates. If you are traveling and find the airport or airports you are using are not within ADA compliance regulations, please contact us to find out how you can help the facility adhere to regulations.