The Americans with Disabilities Act and Wheelchair Ramps

americans with disabilities act

Are you a person with a disability who relies on a wheelchair to get around? Have you ever encountered a building that was not accessible by you due to there being no wheelchair ramp? Did you know that this is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act? Thanks to this piece of legislation, there is actually something that can be done when you encounter such forms of discrimination. Let’s take a look.

The ADA and Wheelchair Ramps

If you have never heard of it before, the Americans with Disabilities Act is a piece of legislation that protects people with disabilities by requiring public places to make certain accommodations so that their buildings are easily accessed by everyone. This includes provisions for those who make use of wheelchairs by requiring wheelchair ramps where necessary. If you are a person with a disability that requires you to make use of a wheelchair, this is good news for you because it means that your rights are protected and that these building are required to be brought up to code.


If you have come across a building that does not allow for wheelchair access, be sure to let the experienced staff at Access Advocates know. We will work on your behalf to bring these buildings up to code with no cost to you.

If you have any question about the Americans with Disabilities Act or about how we can help you get a wheelchair ramp installed in a public building, please contact us today.