Wheelchair Ramps: More Than a Matter of Convenience

wheelchair ramp

If you are a person who makes use of a wheelchair, you know that having access to the same services as everyone else is more than just a matter of convenience. You have all the same rights as any other citizen of the United States. Without immediate access to a wheelchair ramp, you do not have access to all the basic services of other citizens such as shopping, medical services, and employment. That is why the Americans with Disabilities Act exists, so that people like you can have all the same options as every other citizen of the U.S. You are an equal citizen with equal rights.

Here at Access Advocates, it is our job to work for people like you. People that need to be stood up for and have their rights fought for. If you have encountered discrimination in this way, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Know that as an equal citizen you have the law on your side. We will fight on your behalf to make things right.

Do these circumstances sound familiar to you? Are you a victim of discrimination? If so then we will work with the owner of the building that is out of compliance. We will give you access to attorneys who will fight for your right for ADA compliance. We will work with architects to bring the building into compliance.

Do not sit around and let your rights as a citizen be trampled on. Call us today and let the law get to work.