When it Comes to Wheelchair Ramps, Safety First!

wheelchair ramp danger

Have you ever wondered if the rickety, old, makeshift wheelchair ramp at the entrance to your favorite restaurant, bar, or store is ever just going to collapse under your chair one of these days? You’ve confirmed that it’s barely wide enough for your chair, the rails are wobbly and too high and it seems that it must be on at least a thirty-degree slope. You’ve glanced over the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and you know it doesn’t meet even the basic ADA compliance requirements. You’ve mentioned it to the owner a couple of times, and he’s laughed it off.

So, what do you do now? Who do you turn to for help? You love a good adventure, but you shouldn’t have to risk your life to meet your friends.

Here at Access Advocates, we help people with disabilities navigate the world every day. While a business owner may have had great intentions when the wheelchair ramp was first erected; however, it doesn’t even come close to meeting the requirements outlined in the ADA.

Here’s what we can do for you. After we gather your information and you’ve signed our standard engagement letter, we’ll get to work advocating on your behalf. Through our tried-and-true processes, we’ll let them know where they don’t comply with the law and work through potential solutions. After the work has been completed, we will return to confirm that the building complies with the ADA. That’s it in a nutshell!

Who benefits? You and all the people with disabilities who follow you will benefit. Guess what? So does the local business who just upgraded so that now more people can come and enjoy your favorite place.

To help yourself, and your local community, please contact us today so we can learn your story and get the ball rolling.