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Access Advocates: Making Shopping Easier and More Fun This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping should be a fun and enjoyable experience. In some cases it may be hard to get in the spirit if areas of your favorite shopping center is inaccessible. At Access Advocates, we want to remind you to always be mindful of your surroundings. If your local shopping center could use some improved wheelchair or disabled accessible platforms, take note and send Access Advocates the information as soon as you are able.

Grocery Shopping and Best Practices for ADA Compliance

ADA compliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act outlines minimum standards for making a place of business accessible to those using wheelchairs. Many business owners are aware of requirements for specially designated parking places, curb cut-outs, ramps, and automatic doors. However, with a little extra time and attention to best practices, grocers can create a much easier shopping experience for customers with disabilities.

Are The Shopping Centers You Visit ADA Compliant?

Who doesn’t love a day of shopping at the local mall or large shopping center Shopping should be fun, even if you have a disability and use a wheelchair. People with disabilities need to have the same experience as they shop as those who do not have a disability.

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