How Can I Help Get Buildings ADA Compliant?


“How can I help get buildings ADA compliant and what types of building should I be looking for?”


People with disabilities and, in particular, people who use wheelchairs are always asking us, “How can I help? What can I do to help get building ADA compliant?”

We are in our second year with Access Advocates and we exist for one purpose — to help people get buildings ADA compliant.

We are getting closer, but we need your help. You can start by identifying and alerting us to buildings and locations that are not ADA compliant. You may be asking yourselves, “ok, but what types of buildings?” We’re calling for you to be on the lookout at the buildings and facilities you encounter each and every day…

  1. As you travel – hotels and motels
  2. As you vacation – timeshares
  3. As you shop – large shopping centers
  4. As you recover – hospitals and medical centers
  5. As you bank – banks
  6. As you eat out – restaurants
  7. As you exercise – parks and recreation areas
  8. As you learn – schools and universities
  9. As you go out for an evening – theaters and performing arts centers
  10. As you travel – airport terminals
  11. As you attend conventions – convention centers
  12. As you meet government – city, state, and other municipal buildings 

As you can see, these are buildings we all use in our daily lives.

Access Advocates uses our ADA architectural skills honed over the last 20 years to help you get buildings ADA compliant, one building at a time.

Our services are free to people with disabilities. We want to help you make a difference and get buildings ADA compliant. Contact us today!

Do you have a question for Hank, our ADA expert? Ask him here and he’ll send you a private, personal response.