Interview with Hank Falstad, founder of Access Advocates

Thank you to Pauline Victoria for giving Hank the opportunity to share our story! Pauline is a passionate advocate and believes her unique life experiences can be a source of inspiration and information for others. We’re inspired by Pauline and honored that we were chosen to be a part of her online program, Chair Chats. For more info on Pauline, please visit her website at

From Pauline:

This full-length interview with Hank Falstad, founder of Access Advocates, reveals a true partner of people with disabilities advocating for their Civil Rights as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With architects and lawyers on board and a true expert on the building requirements the ADA outlines, Access Advocates strives to make buildings in America compliant with the ADA while uplifting the rights and opportunities people with disabilities can experience. This episode will set aside your fears for advocating for yourself and what is right.

If you’re short on time, you may view the condensed version of the interview here.

Video courtesy of Pauline Victoria, Chair Chats, Episode 5 (filmed August 2012).