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When Are People Too Patient for ADA Compliance to Become a Reality?

In a recent article on, the mother of a boy with spina bifida and cerebral palsy who could not access a playground in his wheelchair commented:

“He goes out and he sits and watches as the other kids play. The only reason we’ve tolerated it this long is there are such good people and kids at the school, they come and play with him and try to bring him balls … every kid wants to be able to go independently where they can and not have to rely on everyone else to incorporate them.”

Parks and Recreation Require ADA Compliance

Summer is here and so is the fun: barbecues, sports, and picnics in the park! Not only is this a time for enjoyment and memories, but staying safe and accommodated are also important as well. Parks and places of recreation are required to adhere to ADA regulations, so you can do just that.

ADA Compliance for Playgrounds

March 2012 marked the deadline for all schools, licensed childcare centers, and municipal playgrounds to become compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2010 (ADA). Now is a good time for a reminder about what an ADA compliant playground looks like.

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