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Disabled Access to Summer Campgrounds and Cabins Still Lacking

According to Outdoor Foundation reports, more than 42 million Americans have gone camping at least once in their life. It’s also an activity that many more Americans are expected to engage in as time goes on. Although that sounds wonderful on the surface, there are still pressing issues that the camping industry must address in order to move forward. One of them involves making campgrounds and outdoor recreational areas accessible to everyone.

Accessibility At Public Golf Courses Is More Than Just Providing Power Carts

Golf etiquette is something all of us “Weekend Warriors” of the public links have been required to develop over our mostly inauspicious careers. “Don’t putt out of turn”, “Replace your divots”, “Don’t cough when someone else is teeing off”, and for Pete’s sake, “We all know that birdie you just incredulously recorded on your scorecard for the last hole was really a bogey.” With the exception of a few purists out there, it’s safe to say that we can all continue to enjoy our round even if a few of those rules of etiquette are broken every now and again.

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