Project Sidewalk Can Make Cities More Accessible

accessible city sidewalks

In today’s world, many people, especially Millennials, are choosing where to live based on a community’s walkability. This rating is calculated from multiple factors, including easy access to public transportation, work, shopping, and entertainment. Basically, the more walkable the community, the less you need an automobile to get around. However, many times a community’s walkability score does not correspond to accessibility for people with disabilities.

ADA Building Compliance and the Holiday Shopping Season

Christmas stress ADA building compliance

With the holiday shopping season upon us, retailers are giving more attention to merchandise than ADA building compliance. Department stores pack every available space with extra merchandise for the holidays and nowhere is it more crowded than in the store aisles. Retailers view the aisles as extra display space; people with disabilities view them as barriers.

ADA Building Compliance is Important For Children

ada building compliance is important for children

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. This is even more important when you have a child with a disability. Whether the disability is physical or mental, it’s vital to be sure that they live a good, happy, healthy, and safe life. So when you come across a business that doesn’t offer the legally required access for your child, you need to seek out an ADA building compliance expert for help.